Wedding Cake Adventures: Day #1 pt. 3

Well… it’s technically the second day, but since I haven’t slept yet.. it’s just going to be Day #1 still.

I am baking the last cake in the oven now.  I took a 4 hour break to hang out with some friends and eat dinner and catch the end of the Lakers game.  Twas fun.  A nice break from the quietness of my kitchen. 🙂

Now that the last cake is in the oven and the other 5 are cooled/in the process of cooling, I think I should do a quick update!

Everything is going well!  I’ve so far managed to not burn any cakes (knock on wood for the last one) nor dropped any on the floor or burned myself!  Woot!  I am going to start making the chocolate buttercream and possibly the chocolate mousse if I have time.  🙂

I’m also doing well on supplies.  I admit.  I kinda went shopping with just a rough estimate of all the materials I’d need and so far so good.  I did have to do some frantic math in my head a couple times to figure out how much I needed for some ingredients.  I almost bought a 50lb bag of powdered sugar.  INSANE RIGHT?!   But I calculated it not necessary.. this time.  🙂

So far I’ve used up 18 eggs, 2 quarts of buttermilk, countless cups of flour and sugar (18 cups of each, to be exact), numerous teaspoons and tablespoons of vanilla extract, baking soda and baking powder, and salt (okay, more like 9tsps of vanilla and baking powder and 9 tbs of baking soda, as well as 9 cups of cocoa powder and 4.5 cups of veggie oil.  What else?  Oh yes, 9 cups of hot water too.

Yikes.  I think I have this recipe memorized for the rest of my life. haha.  Which is a good thing I suppose…I can whip up a pretty tasty chocolate cake whenever I want. 🙂

Oh wow.  I got super tired all a sudden.  Perhaps a nap is in order?  Hmm…

Oh!  The last cake is done!  Woot! 🙂

Must press on! 🙂


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