Wedding Cake Adventures: Day #1

Hello everyone!  Can you believe it?!  It is t-minus 2 days until Tritia’s wedding! AH!  I’m sure that she’s running around (along with her crew) to make sure that everything will be just perfect… while I’m just sitting here blogging. haha jk!

I actually just came back from driving all over Culver City and finding/buying all the ingredients I need for the cake!  Costco and Albertson and Trader Joes and back to Albertsons for almost 3 hours!  But I have everything I need and shall start the minute I finish this post! 🙂

I have to say.. I am SUPER excited to be making this cake (not stressed yet!) and sharing the experience with you!  Hence, there will be frequent posts and pictures and updates to document the whole journey!  And don’t worry.  I won’t let anything burn or overwhip on my watch! 🙂

First things first.  I need to clean up the kitchen.  I know.  I’m a horrible mess.  I still have remnants of my last creation (mango sorbet, which I will post about once all this wedding craziness is over!) in the sink.  I seriously can’t function or bake or cook or anything when the sink is dirty (though I’m sure my apartment-mates would attest that).

But once this is all cleared up.. I get to start working with this beauty!

I really really REALLY want one of these… one day. 😦 (Thanks to Elliott for loaning me this and for helping me shop all morning!)

Then I shall start the repetitive cycle of shifting and mixing and beating and lining and pouring and baking!  🙂  Hurray hurray!

So many ingredients! AH!  It’s almost overwhelming… almost.

Clean kitchen: check.

Country music on blast: check.

Ingredients out and ready: check.

Off to work I go!

I shall post in a couple hours or so. 🙂

Just thought I should share my game plan for this wedding cake.. even though I feel like I’ve totally basically everyone already! 🙂

Day1 : Bake all 6 layers of the cake.  Chill and prep for frosting. Make buttercream frosting.  Slice strawberries. Make chocolate mousse (time permitting).

Day2: Frost all 6 layers (crumb layer).  Chill.  Fill each tier with strawberries and chocolate mousse.  Stack layers and frost each tier.  Roll out fondant and cover each tier.  Stick in dowels.  Chill.

Day3:  Transport tiers (each separately) to reception.  Wedding ceremony.  Stack and arrange the tiers together.  Put on ribbon and flowers.  Finishing touches.

Yikes.  I hope I’m not pushing it too close? 😦  No room for mistakes or.. no sleep for this baker.  Then she’ll be an angry tired little baker. 😦


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