Wedding Cake Adventures: Day #1 pt.2

The first cake is out and chilling! 🙂  I’m currently mixing the second batch but man!  Stand mixers are dangerous.  So far I’ve been breathing in fine cocoa powder and narrowly missed being splashed by hot cake batter (it’s hot because I have to add hot water).  So far so good!  The first cake is pretty much perfect! 😀  The second cake is cooling; it’s a tad too fat, so I’ll have to trim.  And the third cake is in the oven as we speak!  So far so goooood!


Lining pans with parchment paper makes life so much easier.

One can never have too many measuring cups/spoons. Nope.

Trader Joe’s Cocoa Powder = amazing.  Except when you breathe it in…

Because it’s so fine that it’s flying all over the place. haha.

Smelled so good. 🙂

Liquid-y chocolate-y goodness.

Yummy. 😀

Only 3 more layers to go.  I just realized that these suckers won’t fit in my teeny tiny fridge.  Oh well. I shall foil them extra tight tonight.

Perhaps I was a bit too ambitious for what to finish by tonight. :/

Making buttercream, slicing strawberries, and making chocolate mousse all in one night (not including baking 6 cakes)… is a bit intense.  Well, I suppose me sleeping late wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.  I’ve had a horrible sleeping schedule for the past month or so.  Just need to get through a couple more days…

Would anyone like to go on a coffee run for me?  THANKS!  Oh and do my laundry too?  Sigh.   I don’t suppose you could also run a few miles for me or cook me dinner? 😦

But morale and energy levels are still high!  Things are going very smoothly, so I think this endeavor may not be as stressful as I had imagined! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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