Cake Balls Are Too Cute!

But seriously… I don’t have what it takes to make these more often.   I don’t know how Bakerella has the energy and patience and creativity to do what she does!  (I warn you before you click on that link.. to be prepared for cuteness overload.  I die every time I look at her blog!)  I stumbled upon her blog awhile ago and I LOVE her creations!  They are just TOO  precious! 🙂  I seriously want to try everything she’s made on her blog…but I may die from sugar overload first. hahaha.

Anywhos.  I decided to try my hand at cake balls!  I had so many leftovers from my mini-cakes and I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing away perfectly good cake!  So the only logical choice was to make cake balls!

They are so easy to make!

Step 1:  Crumble cake.  You can use scraps.. or just bake a cake (from cake mix or what have you of any flavor) and after it cools just use a spatula and crumble it all up!

Step 2: Mix in almost a full can of frosting.

Step 3:  Form balls of whatever size you prefer.

Step 4:  Chill them in the fridge for several hours or freezer.

Step 5: Melt chocolate bark or morsels.

Step 6:  Roll cake balls in the chocolate with a spoon and let them harden on wax paper.

Step 7:  Decorate if you choose so (before chocolate hardens) and then enjoy!

Pretty easy eh?  You can see more pictures and directions on Bakerella!

I didn’t have time to take more pictures of the finished products. 😦  I don’t know how Bakerella managed to make her balls look so round and cute.  Perhaps I need to melt the chocolate more?  Hmm..

I think I might just stick to making cakes and leaving this cake ball business to someone else. haha

But yes, congrats again to the Class of 2010! 🙂


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