Gift for the Sen10rs

I’m just going to start off saying that this is in no way going to necessarily turn into a yearly tradition.  So those of you who haven’t graduated yet… don’t get your hopes up.  Because as much as I love all of you.. this was one of the craziest baking experiences in my life. hahaha.  The most crazy will probably be the wedding cake I’m baking next week.


Anywhos, I decided to create mini cakes for the graduating senior class in UCLA AACF.  I’ve known most of these kids for a good 3 to 4 years now and it’s exciting that they are finished and can move on to the REAL WORLD.  🙂  Things are just going to get better, I tell ya!

The cakes themselves were not made from scratch sadly (I had 27 mini cakes to make and though I am crazy.. I didn’t want to completely lose my marbles).  I used cake mix with 5 different flavors: lemon (my fave!), butter cake (my new fave!), yellow cakes, dark chocolate fudge, and devil food.  As much as I love making desserts from scratch.. making things from the box or bag or whatever makes life MUCH easier at times.  Especially when you’re making giant quantities with limited time and money.

Anywhos, while the cake was not made from scratch, the vanilla buttercream frosting was!  I think this may be my new favorite recipe (courtesy of My Sweet and Saucy).  I didn’t add lemon juice to some of the batches, but they all tasted deliciously buttery and sweet. 🙂

Oh.  Important note.. if you don’t want to know what goes into buttercream frosting.. I suggest you DON’T click.  Your heart might stop…literally. 😉

Then I put a layer of raspberry sauce filling because honestly raspberries go well with everything!  Lemon and raspberry.  Chocolate and raspberry.  Cake and life in general make perfect pairings with raspberries! 🙂

Anyway, the frosting part was VERY frustrating for me.  I am just so impatient, but then again frosting 27 mini cakes isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do at 2am. HAHA.  But yes, the frosting would clump so I had to do a second layer because the crumb layer made me want to cry. haha.  I am a perfectionist…but honestly, I’m not.  Hence some of the crappy frosting on some of the cakes.  SORRY!

However sprinkling on the cute blue and yellow sanding sugars made everything better!  🙂  They came in HUGE containers.. so I think I shall be using these suckas for the next 3 years at least. So perhaps that may mean more UCLA themed desserts…

Ok ok.  Enough words.  Picture time!

Oh btw, these mini cakes were the little surprise/secret I was working on a couple weeks ago.  I decided to go with raspberry instead of strawberries though.  🙂

I hope you all enjoyed sen10rs! 😀 Congrats on graduating!  😀


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