Memorial Day Weekend Part 3: Beach & Dinner

I’m just going to lump the last two things together because I feel like 4 posts about one weekend is a bit too much. 🙂

A couple friends and I went to the beach!  We just drove along PCH.  We were supposed to go to Malibu.. but I got impatient and just parked wherever. 🙂

Our crab friend that I almost stepped on. haha.

Only in LA.. lovely graffiti-ed rocks.

Hurray!  The sun is so warm and bright!

But.. I suppose not all of us agree…

Hurray!  I sure do love the beach! 🙂

Lastly, my past AACF staffer asked some of the alumni to help out with a special dinner for the core leadership team.  We made delicious brisket with cornbread and spinach salad and chili and corn on the cob and peach cobbler!  Just gotta love BBQ. 🙂

There were like 6 or 7 cans of beans in this chili.  Intense.

Peaches for the cobbler.

I got owned by the peaches.. TWICE.

Spinach salad.  SO COLORFUL.


Sushi. 🙂

Twas a delicious meal. 🙂

All right.  I am finally done uploading from this past weekend.  This picture-taking stuff is serious.  I haven’t had time to bake in awhile.  YIKES.

I plan on baking quite intensely this weekend though.. 🙂  Be on the look out!


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