Busy Memorial Day Weekend Part 1: Huckleberry Cafe

Boy did I have a fun and busy weekend!  I think I shall let the pictures speak for themselves!  And since it was such a busy weekend.. I have to divide the weekend up into several parts.  So please be patient as I try to upload and post as quickly as possible! 🙂

Remember how I posted about Huckleberry Cafe before?  And it was a crazy long post with no pictures?  Yeah… my bad.  I don’t have too many pictures this time, but hopefully it can give you a small glimpse/taste of this wonderful place! 🙂

(must interrupt to say that.. duck hash is AMAZING!)

I really need to go to Huckleberry Cafe when I have a bigger appetite.  The food is amazing.  The atmosphere is cute and relaxing.  I want to eat all of their baked goods (which I realized I didn’t take pictures of 😦 ).  But no worries, I shall be frequenting this cafe a lot in the future! 🙂


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