Dan Ta & Zong Zi Night!

*Pictures of zong zi added! 🙂  Just look below.

Tonight, my young adult fellowship from church (Horizon) had a zong zi making night!  It was actually really easy to make the zong zi.  Just stuff the bamboo leaves with the pre-cooked rice, meat, and mushrooms, then microwave them!  It wasn’t so easy making them look nice.. but meh.  They tasted delicious!

But…I was a fool and forgot to bring my camera.. so I don’t have any pictures of the actual making of the zong zi to show you guys. 😦  However, I do have a couple in my fridge.. so perhaps in the morning when I’m not so tired I shall take a couple pictures to share!

I also made some more dan ta.. but they didn’t come out as nice as the ones I made last night.   Oh well.  It happens when you’re baking in a rush in a foreign oven.  haha.

I just wanted to show you some pictures that my apartment-mate Carrie took of the dan tas I made last night.  They are really pretty! 🙂

This one is our favorite shot! 🙂

They look so yellow and happy!

These pictures make me so happppppyyyy!

All right.  I’m pooped.  Good night! 🙂

* Added pictures!

I really love the smell of bamboo leaves. Yum. 🙂


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