Dan Ta (or in other words.. EGG TARTS!)

Though many people don’t consider me that Chinese (which I agree, but somehow still manage to get offended by), I sure do love Chinese food!  Not the weird creepy stuff like pig’s blood or chicken feet or intestines…but just about everything else! 🙂

So since we are making “zong zi” this week for my young adult fellowship, I thought it’d be fun to make “dan ta” for dessert!  🙂  Dan ta makes me think of yummy trips to Chinatown and those bright pink dessert boxes.  You know what I’m talking… they make you super excited because boy-oh-boy are those dan ta ZEN HAO CHI! 😀

And I’ve been warned that they are hard to duplicate… and they are.  They aren’t that much work really.  Some butter pastry for the crust and a slightly sweet egg filling.  But I suppose I don’t have enough Chinese blood (or love, for that matter) to make them perfectly.  I think that the taste of the crust is a bit overpowering compared to the egg custard part.   The crust also doesn’t taste like the dan ta crusts I vividly remember in my mind and tastebuds.  However, if you just eat the egg custard part.. AH.  Good memories come back. 🙂

These are some pictures of my first batch.. I may need to wake up super early to finish the rest because I am JUST TOO TIRED to make anymore. 😦

Oh yeah.. they are also HUGE since I made them in a mini-tart pan.  haha.  Perhaps I’ll make some in a muffin pan since I lack the appropriate-sized tart pans.  I seriously saw some at Sur La Table the other day, but I didn’t give them a second thought.  NOW I know better!

Hao ba!  Wo lei lei.  Wo yao chu shui jiao.  Zia jian peng you! 🙂


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