Who Knew That Cakes Could Be So Painful?!

For real.

This cake seriously weighed more than a small child!  I almost died carrying it from my apartment to the car.  Not even joking.  I think my neighbors thought I was crazy carrying this GINORMOUS cake out on the street.  OMG.  My arms went numb in less than 20 steps!

I have to say… I am NOT happy with this cake.  For several reasons, which I shall now list to you.

1. I did not give myself enough time. I tried to fondant and decorate this huge cake in less than 2 hours.  The fondant was hideously rolled and I had so many rips and tears that I wanted to throw the cake away.  UGH.

2. I hate fondant. UGH.  Enough said.

3. I am not artistic. While my roommate Liz was able to help me somewhat salvage the cake… it was totally my lack of artistic-ness that made this whole decorating thing frustrating!

4. I am not patient. If I had a bit more patience (and more importantly, more time), the fondant would have been smoother and I wouldn’t have gotten so upset with the cake.

Now do you understand my blog name?  haha.

But yes.  Enough whining and ranting.  Just need to be more patient and practice more!

Here are the pictures of my first attempt at a 2-layer/2-tier cake. (Like my Lakers-esque theme? haha.)

Yeah.  You can totally see the nastiness on that side.. and unfortunately.. that was the nicest side.  UGHHHHHH.  But the cake slices look really nice (which you can’t really tell from the last picture) and it does smell/taste delicious.  SIGH.  AND OMG.  Look how thick the fondant is!  I couldn’t roll it out thin enough and that is probably why my cake weighed like 50 gazillion pounds! AHH!

(Sorry for the mini-rant there)

(Breathing in.  Breathing out.)

It’s okay.  I didn’t expect to make a perfect cake the first time.

Just. Need. To. Practice. With. Fondant. More.


Now it is time to crash.  This cake baking craziness is too much sometimes!


2 thoughts on “Who Knew That Cakes Could Be So Painful?!

  1. Tritia says:

    lol, oh val… Don’t kill yourself doing this! Keep practicing 🙂 I know the final product will be awesome.

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