Late-Night Baking Session!

Continuing on from last night’s baking session, I had to create the second layer of each tier.  To keep things interesting, I made a white cake layer for both tiers.   Pictures shall follow!

Then I made some chocolate buttercream to frost the chocolate cakes from last night and covered each of them.  Next I sliced strawberries (with the help of my roommate Liz) and covered each of them.  Since I’m still waiting for the white cakes to cool, I’m currently baking banana bread too.  (I know.. I’m crazy.)

I’m going to make my second batch of chocolate buttercream and then frost the two white cakes and then stack the layers together.  This shall be quite interesting.  I think I’ll assemble the whole cake tomorrow night.. oh.. after I fondant the two separate tiers.  Oh my.  So much work.

Don’t the strawberries look SO yummy?  I don’t know how to arrange them in a nice way yet.. but I’ll worry about that later.  For the real wedding cake, I’ll be putting chocolate whipped cream inbetween the two layers.  But for this time around.. I forgot to buy some heavy whipping cream.  🙂

But yes, the banana bread!  I made Best Ever Banana Bread with a couple tweaks.  I followed someone’s suggestion to use some brown sugar (because we all know that brown sugar makes everything taste amazing!) and I coated the sides of the pans with sugar to make a sugary crust! 🙂  I also added some vanilla extract and walnuts to half the batch and mini chocolate chips to the other batch!  Yummy de yum yum!

Still waiting for them to come out of the oven… perhaps I’ll post later tonight (they should be ready around 2am-ish) or tomorrow/Thursday night! 🙂  I’ll be sure to post the finished cake product as well!

Hurray! 😀  I shall be QUITE tired tomorrow.  But thank goodness for Starbucks Frapp Happy Hour!  (my shameless plug: 3pm to 5pm until May 16th, you can get any frap of any size and flavor for 50% off! 😀 )

Time to go back to the kitchen.. 🙂


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