Late-Night Baking Session pt. 2

Yes.  I am STILL awake.  Crazy and will probably pay for it BIG time tomorrow. haha.

The banana bread is out and cooling!  And I’ve finished frosting the cakes together.  White cake on top of the chocolate cake with a layer of fresh strawberries inbetween.  Hmm.

I’m surprised I can still put together coherent sentences…

Without further ado… here are some pictures! 🙂

Frosted top tier!

Frosted bottom tier!

The somewhat-messy workplace. 🙂

Now, for the Best Ever Banana Breadddddd. 🙂

Mini-loaf (on top), Walnut (on the left), & Mini Chocolate Chip (on the right)!

OKAY. Now I’m going to put the cakes into the fridge… clean up a bit (maybe…NOT) and then SLEEP!

Hmm the apartment smells quite lovely! 🙂 Quite conducive for sweet dreams!



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