Love (or in other words–CHOCOLATE) is in the air… :)

Ah yes.  Not that I’m in love per se.. but who doesn’t love the smell of chocolate?!  Because I SURE DO! 🙂

I am currently baking my practice 2-tier/2-layer chocolate cake.  I have finished the bigger tier and am waiting on the smaller tier now.  The apartment has been filled with the smell of chocolate for the past couple hours and that makes me QUITE happy!

Since I’ve gotten my new camera and I really want to improve my camera skills… I may have gotten a bit camera-happy.  I decided to just show you in pictures (and not with long drawn out sentences, which I’m prone to do) what my night has been filled with rather than tell you!

I baked a chocolate cake from a recipe I found on Martha Stewart.  🙂  I used the wrong cocoa powder.. but meh.  I didn’t have anything else on hand. haha.  I think next time I make it.. I’ll use a little less sugar too.  I don’t want my friends to die from diabetes.  YIKES.

Enjoy! 🙂

Pans are buttered and lined with parchment papers.

Dry ingredients ready to go!

Adding the buttermilk and oil.

Next, adding the eggs and vanilla.

Mix mix mix! (Notice my gimp mixer?)

Nice and smoooooooth batter.

Pour pour pour.  Mustn’t waste a drop!

All ready for the oven!

Chocolate cake!  Droooool…

Ah yes.  Since I’ve started to post… the second cake is out and cooling too.  I shall leave the frosting and filling for tomorrow night!

I may also try to bake some banana bread if I’m feeling extra ambitious.  I think a couple loaves of banana bread with walnuts and a couple loaves of banana bread with mini chocolate chips.  YUM! 😀

And yes.. this cake will probably need some seriously eaters.. so if you’re interested in getting a bite.. let me know! 😉


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