New theme to behold, new creations to be beheld!

I decided to change my theme!  My old theme was cute, but I feel that this is a tad bit more organized and easier on the eyes. 🙂  Oh yeah, and I LOVE POLKA DOTS!  😀

I’m feeling the baking bug and so this week I think I shall be baking lots! 🙂

[ On a side note (but totally relevant), I realized that I only like fruit in fruit salads or in/on baked goods!  And they do make cute decorations from time to time too. ]

SO!  I think I shall be making banana bread (yum!), apple fritters (SUPER EXCITED!), apple pie (maybe?), and/or something with berries (mayhaps a tart?).  I feel very ambitious making that list.. soooo hopefully I shall be able to check off the majority of the items on there.

I think I’m also really excited to use my camera and take pictures of everything and anything!  A part of me just wants to bake something so I can take a picture of it! haha.  I should remember to take my camera with me because I’ve happened some very cute bakeshops/cafes lately.. but I don’t have any pictures.  I still need to write my reviews about some places too.  YIKES.  Oh and I still need to make my practice 2-layer/2-tier cake too!

Oh my.  So much to bake/write/do and so little time!

Wish me luck? 🙂


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