My apartment loves to bake bake bake!

I like to think that my craze for baking only benefits the lucky individuals who happen to dwell with me.  Since I don’t eat my own baked goods.. it usually falls to them to finish those delectable goods off.  Though.. they do complain that I make them fat.  hehe.

But I think the general atmosphere in my apartment is a LOVE for baking. Case in point: my apartment-mate Angela.  She bakes probably twice a month or so?  She likes to bake for her coworkers and the boyfriend.  (I think usually for the boyfriend.)  But of course, she likes to spread the love and her baked goods I do like to eat. 🙂

I figured that I should showcase her recently baked items: SCONES!  I do find scones precious… though I wouldn’t make them myself.  They are quite a lovely breakfast snack and perfect with some much needed coffee.  She made cranberry and orange scones (one of my most favorite flavor combinations!) and chocolate chip scones (because honestly, who doesn’t love chocolate for every meal?!).

I have to confess though.. I haven’t eaten a scone yet. keke But these pictures sure do make them look yummy yummy yummy! 😀


Oh!  And these pictures are from my new camera! Yay!  😀

Now it is time for my fourth favorite pasttime (after sleeping, baking, and reading)… HITTING UP THE BEACH!  I am QUITE excited!

Until next time… 🙂


2 thoughts on “My apartment loves to bake bake bake!

  1. Angela says:

    FYI, I baked the scones for my mother for Mother’s Day and just happened to save some for the boyfriend. Hahaha.

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