Perfection perfection perfection!

Well.. at least when Liz decorates cakes. haha.

No need for words.  These pictures are MORE than enough! 🙂

Liz hard at work!

Beautiful finished product!  AH!

Isn’t it so precious?!

Close up of the branches and flowers.  She used food coloring and painted. 🙂

Yum yum.  Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream. 😀  Almost half eaten!

Isn’t the cake beautiful?!  Aw.  And it smells DELICIOUS too! 🙂  Hopefully I can give away this sucker because that is WAYY too much chocolate cake for me to eat on my own.  🙂

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  My next goal will be to make a 2-layer/2-tier cake.  The wedding is in a little over a month!  YIKES! 😀


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