Spring Cleaning!

Oh my.  I have not posted in quite awhile.  I have unfortunately been unable to bake the past week or so.  I actually had a really fun weekend though. 🙂  But I think I need 2 weeks to recover from all the late night craziness. hehe.

I was supposed to bake tonight and experiment with the final tier of the wedding cake… but instead my apartment and I cleaned and sorted all of my baking stuff. HAHA.  So… even though our apartment is pretty spacious.. I just have a lot of baking stuff.  I  mean like.. 2 huge storage boxes worth and that doesn’t even include all of my baking pans and bowls and cupcake tins and cooling racks… and.. yeah.. you get the picture. 🙂

So basically for two hours we gave our kitchen/living room a much-needed makeover!  We made some shelves to stash all my baking supplies and bakeware.  Now we can actually eat on the dining room table!  🙂  Yay!  I wonder how long this tidy-ness will last.. hmm…

I should post a picture.. too bad I didn’t think of taking a “before” and “after” picture.   Oh well.

Sorry for the all-over-the-place post.  I’m too tired to write a really coherent post.. so I’m going to sleep.  🙂


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