Sugar Cookies & Chocolate Cupcakes

I feel that whenever I need my baked goods to look especially good.. they don’t seem to turn out that way. 😦  Well, I was slightly not unsatisfied with how my sugar cookies turned out.  I musta messed up on the oven temp or something.  The edges were not round and smooth.  They still tasted delicious though. 🙂

The chocolate cupcakes turned out pretty cute though.  I know that piping frosting makes them look SO cute.. BUT O.M.G SO MUCH MESSY WORK.  I don’t know how to pipe frosting without getting a huge mess all over.

Speaking of huge messes.. I managed to spill chocolate powder, egg whites, and chocolate frosting onto my cute red dress.  Why I was baking in a dress.. I’m not quite sure.  But an apron would be a cute investment, no? 😀

OH. And some sad news.. I think my poor hand mixer is DYING. gahhh.  Maybe I just baked much more than the poor thing can handle? 😦

Bagged sugar cookies. 🙂

Piles and piles of sugar cookies!

Chocolate cupcakes in black and white.

The packaged deal!

I wish I had labels to really make the cookie packets super cute.  Perhaps next time? 😀


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