Sneak Peek: Sugar Cookies & Chocolate Cupcakes

Exciting baking plans this weekend! 🙂

I have agreed to bake cookies and cupcakes for a bake sale to help support the Community Service Commission at UCLA.  In a few weeks they will be hosting their annual PITA (Promoting Individuality Through the Arts) Day at UCLA to encourage children/students from at-risk communities to pursue higher education.  I was part of  CSC for the last 2 years of my time at UCLA and since I’m still cool with the staff/support and love all that they are doing, I’ve agreed to help out.

So this Sunday afternoon/night I shall be baking 200 to 300 sugar cookies and a few dozen chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing or chocolate ganache. 🙂  YUM.  I will be sure to post up some pictures once I get around to it.  OH.  And I plan on buying my very own camera too!  I’ve never owned one.. so this is QUITE exciting! 🙂

Oh yeah, the other night I made Ginger Cookies (MY ULTIMATE FAVE!) and more of those Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes.  I love ginger cookies.  Especially when I roll them in vanilla sugar and they are soft and chewy and sparkly and sweet with a nice little kick to it. 🙂

Sorry that I’m all over the place.  I haven’t been sleeping much lately (due to a number of reasons) and I can’t really seem to focus as well. 🙂  But I really wanted to post something tonight that’s related to baking… so you’ll just have to put up with my rambling.

OH.  I’ve been thinking about starting another blog too!  One that showcases my obsession with license plates.  Strange… I know.  But everyday I see an average of 3 to 4 fun/interesting/weird license plates that make me LOL in the car.  (Yes.  I actually do LOL.. even when I’m by myself… ) And even if you think I’m crazy.. I’ll share one I saw today.  Ready? JODAD E. Read it out loud.  HIL-ARI-OUS! 😀

O-K… that’s enough rambling for one night! 😉  Please stay tuned for update/pictures!


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