pre-angrylittlebaker-days = HILARIOUSLY EMBARASSING.


Before this blog, I used to xanga everyday for most of my high school/early college days.  And I just happened to go back tonight and read my old entries (they are all privatized so don’t even try to look!) and I have to say… WOW. WOW. WOW.

Not only was I freaken emo (which I still am.. but I hide it a little better), but I was freaken weird/hilarious.  Man.  I feel like half of my entries were either angry rants (oh.. things haven’t changed much apparently..), pseudo poetry/prose, or loopy comments.  But seriously.  It’s crazy the power of words.  I read some of my more emo entries and I could remember exactly how I felt when I originally wrote those words. (Ah freak.  THE EMO-NESS LIVES ON.)  But no seriously…some of those entries were so angsty, but so raw too.  I may not write like that anymore, but a lot of them still ring true in my heart. Le sigh.

And I was so much more eloquent back then.  But those were my pre-psych-considering-english-major-days too.. so I guess that makes sense. 🙂  I haven’t written a poem in over 3 years now.  Crazy how they used to so easily flow out of me.  I need to get those creative/emo juices flowing again. keke. jk. …

But yes!  Do you guys remember all the crazy surveys we used to do?  Admit it.  You do and you LOVED it.  🙂  I found a list I made of the top 25 things I want to do in my life.  I’m going to post it for old-times-sake.  And the crazy thing is… about 20 of those things still hold true.  OH SNAP.

Top 25 Things I Want To Do

(In no particular order)

  1. To stop being angry
  2. To travel the world
  3. Adopt as many children as I can
  4. Go to college and really grow as a person
  5. Get married
  6. Be a good wife and mother and grandmother
  7. Go on missions with or without Emily
  8. Visit/live in Vermont during the winter
  9. Skydive, Bungee jump, and anything else extreme
  10. Sing in an a capella group
  11. Dance in a field of tulips
  12. Sing in the rain, under the stars, anywhere, and everywhere
  13. Camp out in the woods for a whole month
  14. Spend a year or two in Europe
  15. Do nothing but read for weeks straight
  16. Become the first Asian PTSA President
  17. Learn to finally speak Chinese and Japanese
  18. Live to see my great grandchildren
  19. Love God more than anything
  20. Garden to my heart’s content
  21. Create my own non-profit organization
  22. Get Lasiks so I can have my miracle
  23. Knit clothing for my children
  24. Find something to smile about everyday
  25. Vote and motivate others to as well

Wasn’t I so cute back then?  And naive.  Ugh.  But seriously, I would have to say that most of those things do still hold true.  There are some obvious revisions.. since I’ve graduated college and… oh wait.  That’s the only thing that has changed.  YIKES.  But I shall like to add five more!

26.  Teach overseas at an international Christian school for 1+ years.

27.  Teach in innercity LA (special ed or elementary levels).

28.  Open a bakery!

29.  Start/work at an orphanage overseas.

30.  Run a marathon! (This is actually something I’ve wanted to do since      high school, but it somehow never made the list.)

Oh. Man. I’m. Dying.

To be young again… 🙂


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