A New Direction?

Happy (last few minutes of) Easter! 🙂  I hope ya’ll had a blessed day!

Today was quite a good day!  Interesting conversations and interactions with people.  Most definitely a great great day! 🙂  Oh, and I did end up baking sugar cookies, but decided to keep them simple.  After all… Easter isn’t about bunnies and eggs. 🙂  I was quite excited to see that I ended up with two very EMPTY containers at the end of both Sunday Schools!

But yes…I’ve been thinking about taking this blog in a new direction?  I think the majority of my posts will still be about baking.  But I realized that if I kept this blog strictly about baking… I’d need another blog for my many other thoughts on books, sermons, movies, fashion, news, exciting finds, and whatever else that runs through my mind in one day (which is QUITE a lot, I can tell you that!).  And honestly.. that’s just too much work keeping TWO blogs!  Perhaps when I figure out wordpress and can make my more pages.. this problem will be resolved?  Hmm..

What sparked this new direction, you ask?  Well, a friend of mine was telling me that he didn’t read my blog because it was only about baking (as you can tell.. not a very good friend. HAHA jk)  So he thought I should try and incorporate other things into my posts and at first I was resistant to that idea.   But then I realized that my old xanga (how I somewhat miss those xanga-ing days 😦 ) posts used to be about anything and everything.  And I realized how FUN that was and how much I miss that!

So I have decided that I shall INDEED expand the horizons of my blog! (Yes, I came to this decision in the process of writing this post… ) I shall continue with my main theme of posting about my baking adventures…BUT now I shall add posts about my other exciting adventures like finding cute/fun/quirky restaurants or cafes or museums or stores or whatever attractions!  Because I realized how much I love EXPLORING (I keep on under-estimating how marvelous and wonderful LA and socal are!) and finding cool places to eat or shop!  And what I also realized is how much I love SHARING about those places!  So now you, my few (but hopefully faithful) readers will be able to enjoy those places as well! 😀

I can already think of 2 or 3 different places I’ve visited recently or found online that I am SO excited to write about!  What I need now is a camera so I can help you fully take part and experience the RAWNESS and INTENSITY and FUN with me! 😀

As you can tell… I love California (yes.. sometimes I do like even you norcal and central cali) and especially LA!  Now you will be able to see why! 🙂

I’m extremely excited.  In fact, I actually have 4 places in mind, so be looking forward to a post about: Huckleberry Cafe, Santa Monica Seafood Company, Farmer’s Market at the Grove. and Farmer’s Market at Santa Monica!  😀

Oh and I’m going to CiCi’s Cafe tomorrow and exploring Encino too! Ahh! Let the good times roll!

Wish me happy exploring?  Thanks! 😀


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