coffee cake & lemon blueberry cupcakes

Why hello! 🙂

Time to update about my REAL coffee cake and lemon blueberry cupcakes!

They came out QUITE beautifully.  The coffee cake really packed a caffeine-punch and the lemon blueberry cupcakes were delightfully tasty ( or so I heard!).

I did get to eat some of the coffee cake and oh my!  The coffee frosting was delectably coffee-flecked and yummy, though I’ll probably cut back on the amount of sugar the next time.  You really don’t want to know how much powdered sugar went in there… 🙂 The cake itself was moist and you could taste the coffee.  I wonder if any of my friends had trouble sleeping that night.. keke.  Like I mentioned in the last post.. there were about 4 to 5 cups of coffee in that sucker. JITTERS ANYONE?!

I actually gave my lemon blueberry cupcakes away to co-workers, but they loved them too!  I got rave reviews about the cream cheese frosting (one co-worker said she wanted to eat a BUCKET of it!).  But the funny thing is…there really wasn’t that much cream cheese in it.  I guess it was just the perfect amount! 🙂  I think this cupcake (well, more like a muffin if it weren’t for the frosting) will be one I’ll make again.  I really love the whole lemon/blueberry combination.  Plus, it makes me think of yellow + blue, one of my favorite color combos!  Which may or may not stem from my love for my alma mater UCLA! 🙂

Here are a couple more pictures!

I’m amazed that there was only a quarter of the cake left!  🙂  See the lovely coffee-ness?! YUMMY.

I just love the wrappers.  So freaken cute! 🙂

And since I have a free night and tomorrow is Easter.. I think I shall be making some sugar cookies! 🙂  Perhaps rabbit ones?  Or eggs and flowers?  Not just to celebrate spring (which I am very glad is finally here!), but to celebrate LIFE in Christ.

He is risen!


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