coffee addiction…

I love coffee. 🙂

Not to the point of obsession that  I need to carefully brew and craft my own every morning using my expensive latte or expresso or whatever machine using only the best imported coffee from like South America though.

I am not ashamed of my instant coffee (Folgers, thank you very much) which I mix with half a packet of hot cocoa mix to create my “poor man’s mocha”.  It is quite yummy!

I wouldn’t say that I’m an addict though (despite the title of this post).  I like the taste and aroma, but I don’t necessarily need it to stay awake.  Heck!  I could drink a couple cups and still manage to fall asleep at night.  Though.. I’ve had had a couple late finals-“studying”- nights when I was VERY jittery…but usually coffee is a “want” and not a “need”.

I’ve been meaning to find a good coffee machine.. since I’ve gotten some nice coffee grounds from friends.. but I can’t get myself to shell out the money.  Not to mention that it’ll take up space in our already too small and crowded kitchen as it is.  Hmm.  But it’s okay.  I have a friend who LOVES coffee.  She even knows WHAT kind of coffee she likes.  When she goes to coffeeshops, she doesn’t order the fraps or any of those “weaksauce” drinks.  She gets the REAL stuff.  And she knows them by name!  Then I feel ashamed for wanting Cafe Mochas and thinking those “freddos” look awfully yummy. 😦

But it’s all good.  I usually just get iced coffee anyhow.  I’m just cheap like that. hehe.

Now for the real reason of this post…

I mentioned (in my last post) that I found a delicious coffee cake!  And I suppose my baking funk lasted just one week, so perhaps that last post was premature?  Anywhos.. I shall be trying that tonight!  It looks pretty easy and I cannot wait to partake in this caffeinated creation! 🙂

Pictures and stories shall come soon!  Perhaps.. later on this week.

OH!  And if you’ve been wondering.. (though I don’t remember if I actually posted this or not.. but whatever) I LOVED NAPA.  🙂  Now I am on the quest to find the perfect wine desserts!  hehe.

Until next time.. the oven is preheating! 😉


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