baking fun(k)?

I have a confession.

I am contemplating not baking as much anymore… A SHOCKER RIGHT?!  I’ve been baking at least once a week for over half a year now, but lately… I just don’t feel the overwhelming drive/need/obsession to bake. 😦

It’s not that I don’t enjoy baking anymore or eating baked goods.  It’s not even that I’ve started running again (a total of 9 miles this week!) and I feel guilty for eating sweets afterward.

Maybe it’s because I feel like I spend too much time (and money) in the kitchen baking.. to the point that sometimes I don’t actually go out with people?  Granted.  I do enjoy alone time in the kitchen (and occasionally getting scars and the like).  Or perhaps I am all baked out?!

You have no idea how horrible this sounds.. EVEN TO ME!  Though I did find a wonderful coffee cake recipe just 20 minutes ago… 😦

Or perhaps it’s because I’m always left with a gazillion uneaten cupcakes and cookies?  Right now there are a dozen chocolate stout cupcakes melting into oblivion and rock-hard chocolate cookies on my dining table.  They weren’t disgusting-looking last week, but it seems so hard to get people to eat my goods.  😦

*Disclaimer:  I am not a delivery man.  If you want the goods, then you come get them.  Yup.

Le sigh.  Excuse the bitterness of my words.  I promise my bitter tears shall not drip into my batters.  Perhaps I’m in a baking funk?  That’s perfectly natural right?  Hmm…maybe I’ll eat one of my nasty cupcakes to cheer myself up. 😦

Until next time… the oven shall remain cold.


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