snap crackle pop!

You know, I don’t really see myself as that adventurous when it comes to baking.  I like to look at really cool recipes, but I usually refrain from actually baking them.  Sometimes they require strange ingredients or way too much work and so I am unwilling to make them.  I have my favorites and so I make them ALL the time.  But that’s not to say I am very intrigued by some of the yummy tasty treats out there… 🙂

But one thing I don’t like to make are brownies.  For whatever reason.. I am just not a fan.  I mean.. what is there not to like?!  They are chocolately.. usually moist and chewy, great paired with ice cream… and covered in amazing chocolate frosting/fudge.  And yet.. I just don’t like to eat or bake them.  But other people LOVE them!  So whenever I make them.. it’s usually for some party and I usually make them from the box because I’m just too lazy.

Well the perfect opportunity came for me to make them!  On Oscar night, my friend invited a group of us over for an Oscar party/potluck.  Of course, I asked to bring dessert and asked her what I should bring.  She replied, “some sort of moist chocolately goodness”.  This of course brought to mind one thing: BROWNIES.   Fortunately I had a box of brownie mix that’d been sitting around for ages, so I thought, “why not?!”

I try not to be a snob about baking only from scratch, but I wanted to see if I could make brownies that were better than ones from a box.  So I found a recipe online and decided to test it out.  Well.. to make a long story short.. everyone LOVED the brownies made from the box!  Granted.. the brownie recipe I found had comments saying they were more cake-like than brownie-like… but I do have to question why I am just not a fan of brownies.  Hmm..

But yes, another thing I realized is that my friends like my simpler baked goods.  I spend all this time and energy making triple layer cakes with raspberries or strawberries and buttercream frosting.. and they leave more than half sitting there!  THIS IS NOT OKAY! haha jk.  But the minute I bring rice krispies.. OH MAN.. they are gone faster than you can blink!  And you can’t imagine all the compliments I get!  Not saying I bake for compliments.. but hey!  5 year olds can make rice krispies.  It’s just butter, marshmallows, and rice krispies cereal!  Maybe that’s why I don’t make “adventurous” stuff.  My friends just don’t appreciate. SIGH.

Though… I think my friends might appreciate what I’m making for St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂  I plan on making stout cupcakes!  The idea of alcohol in baking is SO intriguing to me.. enough so that when I saw that St. Paddy was coming up.. I decided that it was time to give it a try!  I am actually not a beer fan, but I suppose vodka cupcakes might be a bit much.  😛  I got some Guinness (because it’s Irish and I wanted to keep with the theme. haha) and I am quite excited!  Until then.. have a great SUNNY weekend! 🙂


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