Fondant: Friend or Foe?

Today was my first time EVER working with fondant!  I’ve heard many things about it.. how it was hard to work, how it tasted nasty, etc. etc.  But since Tritia wants fondant on her wedding cake.. I knew I needed to tackle this enigma.  If it weren’t for her wedding.. I doubt I’d ever work with fondant!

To prepare for this new challenge, I baked a dark chocolate cake (from the box, because chocolate cake from scratch is quite time-consuming, unfortunately) and made chocolate buttercream frosting last night.  This morning I cut and frosted the cakes.  Since I had work at noon, I was short on time and rushed the process.

To make a dreadfully long story short… I only finished one of the cake rectangles this morning.  I chilled the other 3 cakes in the fridge to work on when I got home from work.  But luckily by then… I made it work better by improvising and realizing that practice makes perfect!  So even though they are not as smooth or the corners as neat as I would like them… I had to remind myself that this was my first time!  To cover up my imperfections.. I made fondant cut-outs of flowers, stars, dots, and hearts. hehe.

The little cakes are actually kind of cute.  If not a bit too much work and not very tasty (yes.. I tried some.)  Sorry for the bad quality of pictures..  I don’t even own a camera (had to borrow a roommate’s)!

But yes!  I’d give myself a C- average for these cakes.  They were definitely wrinkly and not as smooth as I’d like.  It was easy to dye and make the cut-outs, but people aren’t going notice that if they can see all the wrinkles and tears. 😦

Practice makes perfect ! *repeat to self*


One thought on “Fondant: Friend or Foe?

  1. I’m totally against fondant. I think that it’s wrong on a deep level. A cake should taste good. You shouldn’t put things on there just to look good but that don’t taste good. it’s like plastic surgery for a cake

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