Sur la Table: Love at first sight?

OMG.  I knew the minute I walked into the store.. no wait.  The minute I saw it from afar.. I KNEW that I’d fall in love with that store.  SIGH.

The trip was TOTALLY successful!  I got 3 beautiful round aluminum cake pans.  14×14, 12×12, and 9×9.  AHH!  The only sad thing is… apparently Tritia wanted SQUARE pans. HAHA.  So now I must go back and get square pans.  Not that it’s a bad thing.. but the fact I’ll be in that store again may mean bad news for my wallet.  🙂  I also picked up 5lbs of white fondant to start practicing with…hopefully it won’t be too hard to handle.

Anywhos,  I love that cookies are so easy to bake. You just mix and drop them on the cookie sheet.  Simple as that.  I especially love that I found a good sugar cookie and ginger cookie recipe. OH MAN.  I love how yummy they are. 🙂

I really love cupcakes too.. but they require a bit more work.  Luckily I bought some super cute cupcake liners so that makes me more tempted to make cupcakes.  OH yeah.  I went to my first cupcakery!  I’ve eaten Suzie’s and Sprinkles a couple times, but I’ve never actually went into an actual cupcakery.  All I have to say (the place shall remain unnamed) is that I can make it just as good.  I don’t claim to be better, but I think that since I bake… it has to be a truly amazing cupcake to cost $3 dollars.  🙂  That’s all!  But I did get some interesting ideas from the cupcakery that I might try to use in the future! 🙂  I should “research” more at different cupcakeries to get more ideas for myself.  Hmm…

All right.  That’s enough for today.   I wonder what I should bake this upcoming week.. 🙂


One thought on “Sur la Table: Love at first sight?

  1. Grace says:

    Hey Val!

    I love your blog 🙂 Anywhooo… If you love Sur la Table (which I ADORE), you should try Surfas in Culver City. It’s a restaurant supply store and they often have really neat baking supplies (currently in my cabinets from Surfas: muffin top pan, mini spring form pans, star-shaped cupcake tin, etc. etc.). They also have a really good cafe there, so it makes for a great Saturday lunch-time trip. Also a little hard on the wallet though…..

    Hope you’re doing well!


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