Welcome to my kitchen!

Wow.  This first update has taken quite some time.  I have forgotten how/what it’s like to blog. 🙂  I suppose this blog was just an idea I had to write about my baking adventures.  A place to rant (hence the “angry”) about my baking failures, but also a place to rave about my successes! Or perhaps random entries about what I really want to bake, but never find the time or money to go through with them?  And of course entries about what I do make and how I aim to make them better the next time around. 🙂

But yes! My biggest challenge for the first half of this year shall be baking a WEDDING CAKE!  I have no formal experience or training in this.  However, Eric and soon-to-be Tritia Lau (keke) have graciously “hired” me to bake their wedding cake!  I will probably be updating about my journey in learning how to use fondant (GULP!), how to decorate, how to stack a 6 layer/3 tier cake, and how to transport such a ginormous cake.  Today I shall hopefully be purchasing some nice bakeware to make the cakes with.  I’m thinking round springform pans… but we shall see what Sur la Table will have!  (I fear I may develop a wild obsession with that store.. second to my love for Williams Sonoma!)

Well, this was a much longer post than I had expected to write.  We’ll see how consistently (or randomly)  I’ll be in updating this thing.  🙂


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